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Plastic bins and Shelf Bins by Akro Mils - manufacturer of quality plastic storage containers and bin products for over 50 years.  With a broad range of products to offer, including Akro bins, Plastic containers, louvered panels, shelf bins, NSbees, stackable containers, and totes. We continue to lead the industry in plastic reuseuable containers of  all types.

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Plastic shelf bins for bin storage of small parts and inventory
Akro-Mils products are used for order picking, shipping, storage, and improving inventory accuracy levels.
Applications include:  light to heavy manufacturing, industrial supply, hospital supply and electronics. 
Bins are environmentally friendly and are 100% recyclable.  These products are in stock and ready to ship. 

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Make the Most of Your Storage with Akro Mils

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Description Uses

       plasticbin-shelfbin.jpg (40965 bytes)

Shelf Bins These bins are designed to store small items on a shelf.

Shelf bins to be placed on 
shelving units for storing small parts, hardware and components

  plasticbin-akrobin.jpg (46727 bytes) Akro-Bins Designed to store larger heavier items either stacked as a hopper front container or hung on a bin rail.

Stackable parts containers for work bench top or louvered panel rack as well as shelf storage

          storagebin-stackandnest.jpg (57631 bytes)  Stack and Nest
Order picking totes or bulk storage bins

Picking Totes for inventory or order picking. These units will nest inside one another when not in use.

shelfbin-econobin.jpg (28694 bytes) Econo-Bins Durable stacking totes for small to medium sized items Designed for small parts, with different styling that akro-bin
plasticstoragebin-staknest.jpg (43393 bytes) Stak-n-Store Stack bulk items with hopper front makes ideal for storage of medium to heavy  weight items. Stack large items neatly and organized on shelves
dist-tote.jpg (26621 bytes)  

Attached Lid Containers

Order picking totes for a closed loop system or as a bulk storage tote. Store, ship, and move  larger items which need to be kept serparate or enclosed protected from dust and outside environment. Not air tight.
storagebin-modubox.jpg (57519 bytes) Akro-Grids For small compartmentalized storage of items using grid inside the box. Store longer items in upright position...test tubes, vials, or other items which need compartmentalized storage

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