Magnetic Shelf Labels 
Shelf labels provide identification of parts for all types of material handling storage systems
from store rooms and back room storage areas to front room inventory shelves and retail display.
Our magnetic shelf labels are easy to use either by the roll, cutting to the exact length needed, or with rectangular 
pre-cut magnetic labels with or without grooved front retainer edges for card stock labels. 

Magnetic Shelf Labels 
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Magnetic Shelf Labels

Magnetic Shelf labels are the most cost effective moveable shelf label made.  They are also the most
useful.  Part number descriptions may be added to identify parts actually stored on shelves.

Choose from one of the following  

Rolls of Magnet Label Material
smooth face
(write on or stick labels on)


Precut Magnet Cardholders
grooved edges of face
(designed for label insertion - card stock)

Note: Most Labels in stock for quick shipment!
Labels ship UPS Ground

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