Modular in plant offices create modular flexibility for office and building construction which allows for quick and easy modifications to a changing plant layout or relocation.  In Plants offer greater flexibility than standard stick construction, because all buildings are capable of being moved, reconfigured, or expanded, accommodating unanticipated changes easily.  Standard designs are available, as well as custom designs.  Mezzanine applications involving in plant offices are no problem after the addition of the mezzanine manufacturing capability at PortaFab.  Combine greater office space, with a space saving mezzanine. Most of these applications are custom, however, PortaFab makes it easy.  Both products ship from the same manufacturing plant, reducing freight costs. This collective ability to coordinate specific details of projects insures your project will be handled thoroughly from start to finish.


Wall Construction:
Wall construction is typically 3" thick with honeycomb or polystyrene core. Panels are secured in anchored
floor track with standard options on window placement, door size - 3068 to 6068 size, upto special roll up steel doors. Standard wall coverings are vinyl however other options exist such as steel or fiberglass reinforced plastic.  A fire and sound package may be added to insulate against both fire codes, as well as increased STC ratings.

Roof Systems:
Buildings can be either load bearing or non-load bearing.  Load bearing roofs create additional storage space for items displaced by the building installation. Standard floors for load bearing buildings are 3/4" tongue and groove plywood.

Electrical hardware is provided as a standard based on typical 100 candle power at desk height.  Ceilings may be either 2'x2'  or 2'x4' accoustical mineral fiber board.  Insulation can be added for additional temperature and sound control.

Modular in plant offices create productive workspace for a variety of applications.
 These include:
shipping offices
manufacturing assembly cells
supervisors offices
manufacturing control rooms
storage buildings
electrical panel control room
lunch rooms
guard rooms
mezzanine offices
clean rooms

Contact us for help in designing your next in plant project. Most individuals don't realize all
the possibilities available using modular building construction.
See just a few of the possibilities below:


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