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Material Handling Custom Applications

Custom applications in Material Handling covers such broad area only because material handling is
such a broad field.  Part of the custom work we do can be categorized as (1) custom fabrication work.
The other half is taking (2) standard equipment and implementing in a unique way, and then finally,
(3) using standard equipment and mixing it with custom fabrication work.

A little note about custom fabrication work we have found over the years.  Typically, custom work
takes a concept or idea and moves it to reality by building something (a thing). What we have found
is that there are good conceptionalists (is this a word?) and then there are good fabricators.  Good fabricators often
times are not good concept guys and vice versa. When you marry the two together you get someone
who understands the limitations and requirements of a fabricated structure (that is actual design
of a thing so as not to overbuild but to still adequately get the job done) and one who knows
how to fabricate something cost effectively.

The thing most exciting about Custom applications  is the opportunity to learn
about the special needs and requirements of customers.  Often times we are able to relate our
experiences to a customers application and add to the application or sometimes it's a learning
experience altogether.  To that end, here are a few applications you might find enlightening
or interesting .  Some of these might look common, but typically they are
built around specific sizes, heights, gauges or types of steel.

Custom Fabrication

1C1 Carts
1C2 Automotive Manufacturing

Standard Equipment in non-standard application

1SN1 Plywood sheet loader in flow rack - 2 deep flow 20' deep

Standard Equipment with Custom Fabrication


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