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"Your Autoquip Dealer for all type of  Hydraulic Lifts"

Autoquip standardized and custom-built lift tables bring unique solutions to
both standard material handling problems and unusual or tough ergonomic problems. 
They increase productivity while reducing concerns about worker safety. 

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An Economical yet heavy duty lift that provides excellent value and long life. Dependable 
air-powered scissors lifts that provide simple and safe ergonomic solutions to a broad scope 
of industrial lifting problems. The Air Force '99 Air Bag Lifts include seven models which can 
be used in a variety of applications including "clean" rooms.

These low priced, quick ship, standardized products are available in both surface mounted 
and portable styles.  The Auto Level is a self leveling, non hydraulic lift with a manual 
turntable - designed to provide the worker relief from bending and reaching when building 
up or breaking down pallets.  This product is also ideal for clean room environments when 
hydraulics are not an option.  This automated palletizer is adjustable for capacities ranging 
from 450 lbs. to 4,500 lbs. and does require consistency of pallet load configuration in order 
to fully take advantage of the ergonomic and labor savings benefits.

These competitively priced, quick ship, standardized products provide ergonomic solutions to 
meet most bin and basket parts handling applications.  These portable, battery powered tilting 
products are designed to effectively tilt bins or baskets to a comfortable working position, allowing 
the worker to pick parts without having to bend and reach - now that's ergonomics! 

This low priced, quick ship, standardized hydraulic lift provides the operator with an adjustable 
height work platform capable of handling loads up to 1,500 lbs.  Available in both surface and 
pit mounted styles this product is ideal for light duty manual sheet feeding, manual palletizing 
and depalletizing, load transfer between (2) levels, and for use as an adjustable table in the 
assembly process.  Non-standard platform sizes are no problem.

Our most versatile and popular family of competitively priced, quick ship ergonomic lifts provide 
the operator with an adjustable height work platform capable of handling loads up to 6,000 lbs. 
Available in surface, pit mounted and portable models, these products are ideal for manual palletizing 
and depalletizing, manual sheet feeding, load transfer between (2) levels, conveyor systems applications 
and for use as a table in the assembly process.  Turntable and tilters can be mounted to the top of 
these products to provide you with additional ergonomically sound material handling benefits.  
Non-standard platform sizes and other popular options are no problem.

This low priced, quick ship, standardized product line was designed to provide workers with the ability 
to rotate their work to them, not walk around their work.  Use either our manual or powered version to
efficiently perform pallet build-up and tear-down or some other assembly or disassembly process.  
Some of the more popular applications for this product include paint booths, making right angle transfers 
of material, and for palletizing and depalletizing in quadrants.  When used in conjunction with an Autoquip 
lift table, these products further enhance both ergonomic and labor savings benefits by reducing the reaching, 
bending, twisting and walking associated with palletizing.

These competitively priced products provide the worker with the ability to tilt the work to a comfortable 
working position. Typical applications for these products involve small parts retrieval from bins or baskets 
with capacities up to 6,000 lbs.  Available in both 30 and 45 degree models, these products assist workers 
by shifting the product toward the worker, thereby reducing reaching distance.  When used in conjunction 
with an Autoquip lift, they can provide additional ergonomic benefits by eliminating the bending that occurs 
when retrieving the last 20% - 30% of product from a bin or basket. 


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